Features To Look For In A Good Router

It is not uncommon for most households to have most of the members spending their time on their smart phones or computers either gaming or surfing the internet. Many small shops and offices also have the need to have a steady flow of internet supply.  And for all of this, using age old wired routers with a slow internet speed is hardly an option.

So when looking for a cost effective router for your home, do not go buy what advertisements say, but rather surf the internet for the best guides. Sharing some excerpts from one of the most comprehensive guide I’ve found on routers.

While speaking about routers, these can be classified into various types, let us consider the vital ones:

  • Broadband routers: These have been the original internet providers which would have to be attached to a computer. Wireless options are not available with this variant
  • Wireless Router: This is the most common variety available. It is a device which is programmed to provide seamless internet service from a single source to many devices.
  • Other varieties: These include Edge routers, Core routers, Inter-provider border routers and others. These are not your home-use routers but are used by companies that require a higher level of internet service.

Wireless Standard: With improving technology the wireless routers also have progressed with time. They are expressed in 802.11 and further accompanied by either b, g, n or ac. Each of these letters signifies a change in technology with 802.11b being the oldest and 802.11ac being the latest which will help you choose your router.

Wireless Frequency: Most of the routers work on the 2.4GHz frequency. While the latest routers are now dual band which provides better service, these variants use a 5.2 GHz frequency, since it is works doubly.

Bandwidth: This commonly is referred to as speed. While a home or a small office might need a router with a small bandwidth, a top end office might need a high-speed internet with increased bandwidth.

Knowing about these factors help you choose the right router for your purpose.